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Happy Patients Testimonials!!

A most excellent choice for physical therapy. APT is staffed by skilled and caring people…Highly Skilled! Ten months ago I was using a wheelchair and only occasionally walking. Today, the chair is in the garage where it belongs! I highly recommend this practice to any and all who need therapy.
Dianne M., Cape Coral

Having had previous experiences with physical therapy on my knees, elbows, and shoulder, I can strongly recommend Advanced Physical Therapy.

My therapist is a dedicated individual and a gifted physical therapist who made my rotator cuff surgery rehab as productive and painless and possible. She pays special attention to you as a unique person and structures many of the movements to fit the person. Attention is paid to subtle body positions so that an exercise doesn’t produce an incorrect result.

My recovery is now working on strength since my range of motion is now 100%. Thank you for your dedication and help.

Ray D., Cape Coral

The hands-on therapy that was done with my neck has given me more movement than I have had in years. The left and right movement has really been extended. Love my therapist!
Barbara M., Fort Myers

I’m truly appreciative for the incredible help I received at Advanced Physical Therapy. When I began with you, I could barely walk after having extensive back surgery. You were able to analyze how to get me on the road to recovery and as a result, I am able to get around well and I continue to improve.

I have a background in the biological sciences and it was clear to me that your approach to helping me made perfect sense and I was left with a feeling of respect for your knowledge, practical approach and methodology.

Finally, I want to compliment Advanced for employing not only knowledgeable, hard working therapists, but also for the fact that everyone was so very friendly. Not only were my sessions therapeutic, but I had a good time as well!

Mel C. Fort Myers

Thank you so much for all of your help and never giving up on me. I recently hiked to the top of Diamond Head. I couldn’t have done this trip without your help. I will always be grateful.
Debbie H., Fort Myers

After experiencing prolonged pain in my neck, I turned to Advanced Physical Therapy. The exercises and treatment, along with my at home exercises has helped tremendously to alleviate my condition and not have to use pain medication.

The atmosphere and professional therapists were a Godsend. The office and staff made me feel at home and were very efficient.

I highly recommend Advanced Physical Therapy & Rehab. They are professionals who really care for your well-being.

Jack D., Fort Myers

Advanced Physical Therapy & Rehab provides a unique combination where a therapist LISTENS to your existing symptoms, educates you about your problem and then does extensive treatment and exercises to improve and alleviate the condition. The patient cooperates by doing their home exercise program between therapy sessions, which enable the healing process.

Not only did I experience a good working relationship with the therapists, I also observed other clients having the same experience as well. The atmosphere is friendly, yet professional, and my questions were readily answered. The therapists are highly qualified and encourage their patients. The office staff is pleasant and works efficiently with your scheduling.

I really felt like they were working with and for me in a very proactive way. This winning combination brings results! Thank you Advanced Physical Therapy & Rehab!

Rosalie, D., Fort Myers

I have enjoyed my rehabilitation at Advanced Physical Therapy & Rehab. The staff has been amazing and kind in helping me get my knee back to function. They were wonderful! I will definitely come back and recommend future patients to this practice.
Andrew C., Cape Coral

From the first visit, I knew that Advanced Physical Therapy was for me. I like the personal attention given to me and the same attention was give to other patients too.

The staff is cordial. You have a feeling that they enjoy what they are doing. This is a great office!

RCM, Cape Coral

Best therapy group I have ever been to. The entire staff is courteous, efficient and professional. Every effort is made to help my healing process. Everyone is so kind and reassuring me to make a full recovery.

I would like to thank everyone and will recommend this company to everyone! Definitely a pleasant experience.

Linda M., Fort Myers

I enjoy coming to PT. Everyone is professional, caring and helpful. I could go on and on and on and on!
Jane F., Cape Coral

The whole staff of Advanced Physical Therapy & Rehab work hard to create an environment of personal, positive and efficient care for their patients.

They always find a way for a patient to get the most out of each session and they realize that a one program fits all approach does not work. They are innovative in their approach to each person and find a way for the patient to get to their goal in a positive, non-threatening way.

I have had many sessions of physical therapy with many different groups and Advanced Physical Therapy & Rehab stands above all the others for the professionalism, individual care and accomplishment of reaching patient goals.

I would highly recommend Advanced PT to anyone who needs therapy.

Katherine F., Fort Myers

I highly recommend Advanced Physical Therapy. As a polio and stroke survivor, scoliosis eventually happened. Even though I have been to many physical therapy and rehabs over the years, Advanced PT was the first ones to note the scoliosis.

All the therapists are very knowledgeable. They were the first to suggest shoe lifts and built up shoes and this has improved my posture, my stamina, and my back pain significantly.

I have and will continue to recommend Advanced PT to my friends. I had polio at the age of 12 and a stroke at 57. Although I am 70 years young, I keep trying to improve!

Maryellen S., Fort Myers

The therapists were all very friendly, attentive, and helpful with my therapy and in answering any questions and concerns. My pain (rotator cuff, right shoulder) was significantly reduced by the therapy.

I definitely recommend a return to this facility if the need and opportunity arise. You were great!

Marcia, Fort Myers