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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Fort Myers & Cape Coral, FL


Eliminate Pain, Restore Mobility, and Regain Quality of Life

If you are tired of lack of mobility, aches, pains, and reduced function? Don't hesitate to call us today. You will see that we can stop the suffering and discomfort to return your quality of life.
You can reach us at our Fort Myers location at 239-432-0556 or Cape Coral at 239-772-2363
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Our Treatment Philosophy

We are far different from the others in our industry. From the moment you first walk through our doors, you will see that you have stepped into a special place. At Advanced Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, our goal is to bring you a relaxed & friendly environment while meeting all of your therapy and recovery needs. Our therapists' patient-centered approach allows for an easier recovery in less time. Our expert staff is here to meet each and every one of your needs, so give us a call today!

Physical Therapy

A Physical Therapist can also be seen as an expert in movement and function. They are educated thoroughly on the interactions that occur in all parts of your body. They use a hands-on approach to examine, diagnose, and treat any issue that you might be suffering from. Afterwards, our experienced staff will show you exactly how to care for your issues by showing you the exercises needed to gain strength and avoid future injury. Today, Physical Therapists provide the help needed to every part of the body, from infants to adults. Physical therapy can be the first step in treatment before resorting to surgery.
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Proven Results

Advanced Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is known for their compassion and result-oriented methods. We are the number one choice in Southwest Florida for physical therapy. Review our testimonials page to see what our patients have to say!

Our Staff

Our staff is personally invested in the relief and recovery of each of our patients. We have a true passion and commitment to everyone that walks through our doors. Our expert therapists focus on patient-centered treatments to allow a speedy and effective recovery. Advanced Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation has an unsurpassed level of care and service.
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Different From the Others in Our Industry

  • One-On-One Care by Licensed Therapists
  • Therapist-Owned Private Practice
  • Caring, Professional & Highly Skilled Staff
  • Fort Myers & Cape Coral Locations
  • Prompt Appointments (early & late appts. available)
  • Excellent Physician & Patient Communication
  • Proven Results
  • Dedicated Members of the American & Florida Physical Therapy Associations